Organic Pest Control Is Working

Thank goodness for the paradigm of sustainable development. Some years ago, the urgency of this topic was recognized by a few who then urged those in positions of power, influence and responsibility to take action. And it was not long before the herd mentality set in and the majority of mortals followed suit. Today, even if in small doses or if left with no other choice but to do so, people and companies are living and working, doing things, sustainably, more or less.

Alongside the paradigm of sustainable development is the popular trend of going organic. A sense of realization has set in in the sense that there is now a belief, or there is clear evidence, that by going organic, doing things organically, producing products and materials organically, people from all walks of life have a far better shot at being successful and enterprising. They are also able to improve their health and lifestyles and without much effort to boot.

And in the meantime, urban legends, both real and imagined are crashing down. One such urban blight that no longer stands much of a chance is your daily problem of pests, whether they be urban rodents or insects. Mice, it is said, some people can still live with, but not rats. They spread diseases and are particularly dangerous in increasing numbers. Ironically, their pestilential presence has a lot to do with how humankind continues to live (unsustainably). The same goes for insects, ticks, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, bed lice. Fortunately, their pestilential presence can now be nipped in the bug (if you will) with organic tick control, organic termite control, organic mosquito control, and so on and so forth.

organic tick control

Chemicals and quite toxic poisons have been put to pasture. Organic pesticides that actually work are now here to stay.