5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

Some plumbing issues can be resolved without a plumber if you have a few tools and the expertise to resolve problems like leaking toilets and clogged sinks. However, most plumbing issues aren’t resolvable without the expertise of a plumber.  There are many signs that indicate the need to call a plumber, including the five here.

1.    Burst Pipes: When water is leaking out of your pipes, it takes no time to damage the structure of your property as well as the furnishings that you have inside. Do not wait to call a plumber orange county if your pipes have burst.

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2.    Backflow: Backflow occurs when sewage comes back into the pipes through the sink, toilet, tub, etc. Backflow causes pungent odors and can be risky to your health. It is imperative to phone a plumber if you see backflow. More likely the cause is a septic tank that needs pumping.

3.    No Hot Water: The water heater keeps the water hot so you can enjoy showers, warm water to wash your hands, etc. When the water is no longer heating, some sort of issue with the hot water heater has sparked.

4.    Installation: Installing pipes or any of the fixtures is not a job for the average individual to handle. If you need new pipes installed, you should always call a plumber to schedule service. This is not a job you can handle yourself.

5.    Routine Maintenance: Schedule routine maintenance service and prevent breakdown of your plumbing system as well as many of the most common issues affecting homeowners. Once per year is all that you need preventative maintenance to keep your pipes at their best.

If you notice the issues above, pick up the phone and schedule professional service with a plumber. These issues do not stand a chance against the experts.